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H&S Policy - Short Statement

It is the policy of MacAulay Askernish Ltd to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and subsequent legislation and to provide and

maintain a healthy and safe working environment. MacAulay Askernish Ltd ‘s health and safety objective is to minimise the number of instances of occupational accidents and illnesses and ultimately to achieve an accident-free workplace. All employees will be provided with such equipment, information, training and supervision as is necessary to implement the policy and achieve the stated objective. We recognise and accept their duty to protect the health and safety of all visitors to company, including contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who might be affected by our operations. While the management of MacAulay Askernish Ltd will do all that is within its power to ensure the health and safety of its employees, it is recognised that health and safety at work is the responsibility of each and every individual associated with the organisation. It is the duty of each employee to take responsible care of their own and other people’s welfare and to report any situation which may pose a threat to the well being of any other person. The management of MacAulay Askernish Ltd will provide every employee with the training necessary to carry out his or her tasks safely. However if an employee is unsure how to perform a certain task or feels it would be dangerous to perform a specific job then it is the employee’s duty to report this to the supervisor or the Director of Safety. A n effective health and safety programme requires continuous communication between workers at all levels. It is therefore every worker’s responsibility to report immediately any situation that could jeopardise the well being of themselves or any other person. All injuries, however small, sustained by a person at work must be reported to the Director of Safety or a delegated representative. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the policy and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive. MacAulay Askernish Ltd’s health and safety policy will be continually monitored and updated, particularly when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur. The policy will be updated at least every 12 months.

Environmental Policy - Short Statement

As an environmentally responsible company we aim to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

In particular MacAulay Askernish Ltd aims to:

  • seek to reduce emissions/environmental effects
  • comply with, as a minimum, all applicable legislation with a zero defect goal
  • re-use and recycle materials wherever practicable;
  • promote energy efficiency
  • ensure compliance with environmental legislation
  • integrate an effective Environmental Management System
  • continually improve our environmental performance through the monitoring and review of our policies, programmes and services.


It is the policy of MacAulay Askernish Ltd (MAL) to provide services to its customers, which not only meet agreed contractual specifications and standards, but also satisfy or exceed the customer's service requirements.

In addition, it is our policy to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, achieve industry standards and conform to specific national standards to which MAL are approved.

To this end, every manager is required to:-

􀀀 Train, develop and retain staff that are suitably qualified to interpret, clarify and confirm customer requirements and achieve industry standard levels of performance commensurate with the service provided. 􀀁

􀀀 Ensure all staff observe the requirements of the Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual and relevant IMS plans and procedures. 􀀁

􀀀 Ensure all staff maintain records to substantiate the quality assurance of the service or project undertaken. 􀀁

􀀀 Provide evidence of quality service provision, demonstrate the standard of service provided and supply certification where required. 􀀁It is the intention of MAL to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and IMS Objectives will be established across all relevant functions and levels of the organisation to achieve this aim. The IMS will be maintained to the highest levels of quality management using our accredited certification of Achilies. This policy will be reviewed for continued adequacy by management at Integrated Management System reviews. The Quality Manager is the nominated management representative and as such is responsible for ensuring that the policies described in the IMS Manual are effective and that all staff comply with these policies. However, quality is not solely the responsibility of the Quality Manager and all employees are required to support and adopt this policy.

Complaints Policy

1. Listen to the complainant and make every effort to understand their point of view

2. Not take the complaint personally

3. Apologise, if appropriate, on behalf of the MacAulay Askernish Ltd and explain what happened. It is important to note that an apology is not an admission of liability. Staff should only give an immediate explanation if they have the full details - it may be necessary to call the complainant back later.

4. Find out what the complainant wants and explore with them the different ways in which the problem can be resolved

5. Seek to remedy the situation, ensuring that the complainant is satisfied with the outcome.

Although complaints do not have to be in writing, it may be explained to complainants that putting their complaint in writing can often help clarify the exact issues with which they are unhappy, especially if these are complex.

If a complaint is taken verbally, the person receiving it should send a copy of the file note to the complainant for review. Once the complainant has agreed that the details are correct, after being given the opportunity to make changes, the file note should be copied to their supervisor or company manager.

Resolution should be on the spot or within two working days. Any delay over two days is likely to indicate more complex issues requiring investigation and resolution through the company manager.

It is important to keep the complainant informed of the reason for any delay in resolving the complaint.

Staff should not respond directly to a written complaint, even if it is addressed to them personally. If they are unsure how to handle a complaint, they should discuss it with the company manager as soon as possible, checking who else the complaint has been copied to. All correspondence concerning a complaint must be sent by or be approved first by the company manager.


To ensure that this procedure is kept up to date and in line with legislation and

national guidance, a review will be carried out regularly.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

It is the aim of Macaulay Askernish Ltd to achieve clear and definite standards of ethical behaviour throughout all areas of business. Macaulay Askernish Ltd take responsibility for creating wider benefits both within and around our business and endeavour to make our 

impact a positive one, which improves the lives of others and reduces the risk of harm to people and the environment.

Business Conduct: As a business we focus on maintaining a strong and competent service, treating clients as mutual partners and working with sub-contractors, suppliers and our workforce fairly and ethically. The Macaulay Askernish Ltd reputation dictates a high level of quality, robust management systems and safe working environments. It is our goal to safely complete all projects on time, within budget and to the required quality.

Supply Chain Management: Macaulay Askernish Ltd only employ suppliers and sub-contractors whose ethics and values are aligned to that of our own. We will maintain strong working relationships and standards by consistently meeting agreed payment terms and evaluating services provided. Early involvement of each project management team, suppliers and sub-contractors guarantees clients that we operate with a common goal and a shared vision from the onset.

Client Satisfaction: Through excellent planning, employing quality people, and a commitment to innovation and value engineering we understand, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders. Our Managing Director and Business Manager will ensure all clients are supported at the time of practical completion and beyond.

Safety, Health and Environment: We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that safeguards the health, welfare and safety of all employees, supply chain, clients, the public and end users. Macaulay Askernish Ltd advocate a behavioural safety and worker engagement approach to SHE. A change in safety culture through training seminars and incentive schemes results in every worker becoming responsible for SHE in the workplace. We will continue to reduce our RIDDOR annually and work at all levels of the business to guarantee safety is our highest priority and strive to become an 'injury free workplace'

Environmental Impact: Macaulay Askernish Ltd will continue to look at reducing the impact we have on the environment as a result of our operations. We have a proactive attitude to waste and energy reduction and put very little to landfill and annually decrease our carbon emissions by good logistical planning and the purchase of higher efficiency machinery replacement .

Sustainability: Macaulay Askernish Ltd strive toward finding new opportunities to work with clients and specialists in the development of pioneering and sustainable design within construction and management.

Training and Development: Macaulay Askernish Ltd recognise that people are our most valuable asset and their performance is the key to the quality of service we provide. Through investing in our recruitment, training and development of employees we will retain the best possible talent. We adopt best practice in HR and training and aim to be an employer of choice.

Community Engagement: We are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work, which are generally those within our operating base for the past forty years. Being a good neighbour means we actively interact with community groups and support educational initiatives. We foster local business relationships through sourcing local labour, equipment and materials where possible and will continue to champion community engagement throughout the industry.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

  • Macaulay Askernish Ltd shall not use any form of forced, bonded, compulsory labour, slavery or human trafficking;

  • Macaulay Askernish Ltd employees shall be entitled to leave work or terminate their employment with reasonable notice. Employees shall be free to leave work after such reasonable notice period expires. All employment shall be voluntary;
  • Macaulay Askernish Ltd shall provide each of its employees with an employment contract which contains such a reasonable notice period; and
  • Macaulay Askernish Ltd shall not require employees to lodge deposits of money or withhold payment or place debt upon employees or require employees to surrender any government􏰂issued identification, passports, or work permits as a condition of employment.

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