Defibrillators are to be available on all our Western Isles Construction Sites. Our First Aiders are all to be trained in their use. 

Contracts Manager, Angus McDowall Said “We are very grateful to the Local Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) for agreeing to train our First Aiders to use AEDS initially and into the future. It will take a little time to install AEDs on all our sites and train the necessary people, 

but we would hope to have them available initially on all the larger sites as soon as possible.”

Alistair MacAulay, Managing Director of MacAulay Askernish Ltd Said: “After initial research it seemed like we owed it to our employees to give them the best possible chance in the event something does happen on our sites. Our sites are generally in or near public places so we would encourage members of the public to contact our head office to inquire if there is a Defib on a MacAulay Askernish Ltd site near them, as they can be used by members of the general public too."

Donald MacAulay, Local Area Manager for the Scottish Ambulance Service Said:

"Most cardiac arrests happen away from hospital and many of the resulting deaths could be avoided if the person is treated with a defibrillator within about four minutes of collapsing.

“If your heart stops, every second really does count, and having a defibrillator on hand – with personnel trained to use it – gives the best possible chance of survival.” 

 (Picture with this article showing the defibrillator stationed at our Scottish Water site at Sand Street, Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis.)

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